Visiting Fremantle: a happy city with an awesome vibe

Ah Fremantle. This place is significant to me because it was the first time in Australia that I properly struck out on my own. I stayed two nights at Pirates Backpackers in Fremantle, met some awesome people, went on mini roadtrip and basically had the best time! Honestly there were moments visiting Fremantle when I just could not believe where I was. I was happy personified.

FOR THE FOODIE visiting Fremantle

Fremantle was exactly the bustling market town that I had envisaged. I crammed as much as I possibly could into Sunday afternoon. There are so many markets in this place! The Fremantle Markets on South Terrace are open Friday to Sunday. Visit at 5.30pm on Sunday for cut price vegetables. Honestly peppers in Australia are $14/kilo, so a whole bag for $1 is worth it.

The other amazing place for cheap eats is just opposite the Fremantle Markets. The Old Shanghai Asian food court is open until 8pm Wednesday to Sunday. Honestly I reckon it’s the only place in Australia you can get a large plate of sashimi with rice for $13.

On the slightly more expensive side I saw countless amazing looking fish restaurants lining Bather’s Beach. The award winning Little Creatures Brewery was absolutely heaving on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I never made it but the Moore and Moore Cafe and art gallery on Henry Street was very much recommended as the place to go for a healthy brunch.

Make to sure to visit on the weekend so you can see these amazing markets

Culture and history

There are some amazing places of historical significance in Fremantle. I didn’t manage to visit the prison but I’ve been told you can do some pretty amazing tours, including the tunnels beneath it (only $6.50). It is now partly a YHA hostel. So if you want to stay in a cell for a night, you can!

The roundhouse is the original location for colonial and indigenous convicts in Fremantle. There have been attempts to remove this building which have been resisted by the public. It is now an interesting tourism spot with stunning views and some awesome aboriginal art galleries.

The only museum I visited was the shipwreck museum on the Fremantle Esplanade. This sheds light on the various wrecks around the WA coastline. It also exposes some really interesting stories about the very early colonial trade routes and how we first came across Australia.

The maritime museum, Victoria Quay is a very impressive building. Unlike the shipwreck museum it is paid entry of $15. I walked around the outside and looked out towards Rottnest Island, a not to miss day trip from Fremantle. Ferries here go from the B shed on Victoria Quay.

View of Fremantle coastline from the Roundhouse
The Roundhouse, top of the hill. The original colonial gaol built in 1830

Aboriginal art

Up by the roundhouse was a good location to see aboriginal art, although unfortunately all the outlets were closed when I looked around on Sunday afternoon. However what I really loved about visiting Fremantle was the little galleries that were everywhere throughout the city.

My absolutely favourite place was the Japingka art gallery on the High Street. I spent ages looking around this gorgeous gallery. I love how there is a very distinctive aboriginal style. The colours of the paintings are very natural earthy tones.

The paintings often depict the land or sky and have titles such as ‘my home’, or ‘medicine garden’. I honestly could have wandered around there for hours. If I had $300 to spend, I would have bought one of the small canvasses. I really hope the paintings do sell and support these communities!

Check out this website for a list of great arts and culture location when visiting Fremantle.
Japingka art gallery
Outside of the Maritime Museum

Not to miss when visiting FRemantle

  • Take a day trip to Rottnest Island and visit the Quokka, endemic to WA and close to extinction on the mainland.
  • Take a day trip to Rockingham and Penguin Island. Currently breeding season, but you can visit the penguins here again from Sept 15th. Point Peron in Rockingham is absolutely stunning.
  • Walk along the esplanade. Sit on the hill and watch the guys do their thing on the skate park. Maybe have a go on the Ferris wheel.
  • Watch the sunset from South Mole Lighthouse.
Visiting Fremantle Esplanade
The Ferris Wheel on Fremantle Esplanade
Sunset at South Mole Lighthouse with the crew from Pirates Backpackers

Definitely not a place to miss x

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