Into the sadness slump… and out the other side

The lead up to my weekend was just awful. I had one really bad day on Thursday where everything seemed to go wrong. Instead of keeping in a positive frame of mind I allowed it to turn into three days of negative feelings, aka the sadness slump.

Sometimes, there isn’t really any justification for why you are feeling so low. You might just be having a really hard few days. The sadness slump makes it harder to deal with small problems that occur and can leave you feeling lonely, and a bit worthless.

Well HOLD UP! Because you my friend, are worth a lot, and here’s a few things we can do to avoid and to deal with the sadness slump:

Avoid the slump

  • It’s a hell of a lot easier to keep positive when you’re not tired 

Also, you are probably less likely to crash your car, which is kind of what triggered my own sadness slump last week.

If you’re working long hours you want as much free time as possible. The last thing you want is to cut it short by going to bed early. Try to mix up your evenings by doing something different, and break up routine.

Watching TV is great, but it does make time pass so quickly. Mixing things up will make each evening feel longer, and you’re less likely to feel like you’ve wasted time by going to bed early.

  • Give meaning to each day, within work and beyond it

I find myself less tired and drained when I feel like I had a meaningful day. Make sure to do something for yourself outside of work. You can do anything, as long as it’s worthwhile to you. I love walks, the gym and laughing with my housemates.

I randomly watched a TED talk by Martin Seligman, and an anecdote he gave stuck with me. A girl who hated bagging groceries gave meaning to her work by attempting to make each encounter with a customer the highlight of their day.

On lunch duty, I can stand passively in the playground, or I can make something of that hour. The other day I encouraged two girls playing basketball to make their own shots rather than passing right back to the boys. It’s a small but positive thing to do.

During the slump

  • Stick to routine

If you usually go the gym on Thursdays, but you’re having a really rough day, I would still go. Plug in your music, do a more gentle stretch/recovery session, but get yourself out the house. Routine can help you feel normal and be a comfort when you’re feeling low.

  • Nourish your body

Don’t binge on junk food, just because you feel sad. Definitely treat yourself, but eating unhealthy for three days straight isn’t going to help you feel any happier. This is particularly if you usually eat healthy and junk food is a deviation from routine.

  • Get outside

In the middle of a sadness slump it can feel like the pressure is building up in your head. Getting outside and moving immediately releases some of that tension and helps you feel like you are doing something purposeful and worthwhile.

  • Surround yourself with friends

Whatever you do, don’t stay in your room. If you’re in a househare, head for the kitchen. Laughing is honestly the best medicine, and any time you spend talking with other people helps you gain some persepctive and get yourself out of your own head.

  • Don’t make it worse

There is usually some kind of trigger to a sadness slump. If that is money issues, don’t go on a huge shopping spree. Instead do something practical to help yourself break down the problem. Write out a weekly budget, look at areas you can make some easy savings.

Out of the sadness slump

Remember it’s totally okay to feel down occassionally. Sometimes I can feel so guilty for being sad when I have no reason to compared to 99% of the world’s population. This is not a helpful way of thinking at all, and just adds another layer of stress.

Your feelings are valid my friend! Hope this helps you personally or to understand how someone else you know might be feeling. Check out my homepage and give it a like. I’d love to hear your own tips n the comments below!

Nourish yourself
Bake something good
Get outside
Try not to crash the car

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