Guide to happiness: visit the people you love, have conversations with strangers and eat cake.

I knew it was coming..  the coughs were starting, the kids were sniffing, and I ended up with ANOTHER flippin cold. Honestly if there is one main reason I don’t become a teacher in the long term it will be how ill you get!

Luckily the cold didn’t set in until Saturday evening, so being ill didn’t ruin my plans to visit my sister in Leiscester during the day (it did ruin my Sunday though). Normally I would never do anything like that on the weekend because of training, so I just had this feeling of freedom which lasted all day.

My sister is one of my role models. Her personality is very opposite to mine, and I am in awe of her ‘oh what the hell’ attitude. Usually I am the worst person at shopping because I spend so long deciding, weighing up the pros and cons, and then panicking about how long i’ve spent in one store, More often than not I leave with nothing at all.

Around my sister and her amazing aptitude for impulse buying, I became a new person! If she left JD with a £100 pair of look at me Nike’s then I could leave with a £45 black pair. I bought clothes, presents and food and I got to see my little sister. I even enjoyed the 4 hour round trip; nothing beats driving and singing along to crazy loud music.

Sunday wasn’t as great, although I enjoyed walking in the morning. I’d just started along the towpath when I saw quite an old man picking up litter. I’m working on being better at talking to people I don’t know, because I think it’s sad that we’ve lost a lot of that community spirit in our everyday lives. So I stopped to say thank you for litter picking.

I may have slightly regretted this decision, because 15 minutes later I was still there. I learnt about his life story, how he met his wife, his love for Africa and his various travels. I made a few comments but mainly I was just listening. The weather may have been sunny but it was really cold and I was standing still and slowly freezing to death.

I felt pretty relieved when I eventually resumed my walk, but sometimes you meet people who just need to have a conversation. Maybe his wife is no longer around and he doesn’t have anyone to talk to much. I was glad that I could spend 15 minutes of my time having a chat, and he certainly had some interesting stories.

I had to start running I was so cold, but I made it to my favourite cafe, the 1955 club. Their carrot cake is beyond amazing, I am literally always day dreaming about it. Unfortuantely, being me, cake is one of those things that I struggle to eat. Particularly if it contains dairy, refined sugar and is topped off with cream cheese icing.

Normally I go with the intention of carrot cake and end up with a green smoothie (I know, wierd right?) To be fair, the smoothie is also delicious, but it’s not really what I went for. Anyway this weekend I ate the damn cake, and it was great.

It was so sunny I couldn’t help taking heaps of photos, I know i’m an amateur and i’m just using my phone but I still love it. I recently signed up to two months free on Skillshare. Hopefully it can help me learn some photography basics!

Proud of this photo – I love the colours and the movement in the branches,
One day I will live in a house next to some kind of water body: river, lake or sea, i’m not fussy.
The daffodils are here, it’s spring!

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  1. dear Jenny, I really liked your article, it was so genuinely written 🙂 I will save it because I know I want to read it many times 🙂 anyway, if you ever want to speak with one more stranger feel free to write me to 🙂 cheers from Lisbon, PedroL

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