Feeling happy at a cafe drinking coffee

Today I am feeling happy. I wrote this post at my local cafe and I felt like I was floating. My insides felt light and I was relaxed and at peace with where I am right now. This is not always the case, so I’ll enjoy this feeling while it’s there.

my thought process feeling happy earlier today

I am sitting outside my favourite local cafe with my coffee and I am feeling happy. The sun is even sort of shining, a miracle given the unreal amount of rain recently. I am sitting beneath a tree, and I love the dappled effect of the sun through the leaves on my notebook.

I had today off work for a four hour driving correction course (whoops), which was actually not boring in the slightest. Plus, everyone in the room actually got on, although there was a collective hatred towards cyclists I didn’t really appreciate.

I’ve enjoyed the rest of my day off. I finally have my bike at home so I cycled to the gym and into town. I’ve been killing my workouts recently and getting into a really good routine with gym, eating and work. As well as being social with my housemates in the evening.

It’s been so good living separately but close by my parents. I enjoy spending my evenings with people my own age, but I love my family. I want to make the most of living nearby before I set off on my travels later this year.

Woah. A crow just landed next to me and scared the actual bejeezus out of me. Traffic is really building now, coming up to 5 o clock. Also the rain clouds seem to be gathering again. It could be an interesting cycle home. Still somewhat sunny at the moment though.

These words mean a lot to me

This is all I wrote. Not exactly Shakespeare, but I can see the lightness and happiness in the words I write. I know this because:

  • I was able to rationalise and not feel bad about the driving course
  • I’m at peace with teaching and living near home, despite not being long term goals
  • I could sit and relax at the cafe without panicking about wasting time
  • Now I have energy in the middle of the day once more!

I hope whoever and wherever you are you enjoyed this slightly random post. You may not be feeling happy right now, but keep going. I promise, you will again.

Travelling to see friends leaves me feeling happy
Making time to see my uni friends in Exeter last weekend. Maybe why I am feeling so happy this week?

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