Exploring central Perth and the beautiful King’s Park

Last week there was some proper storms going on here in Perth. However the weather came through for me and I was able to explore the stunning King’s Park botanical gardens. Very close to the City Centre, this a quick bus ride from Elizabeth Quay. It should be top of your bucket list for exploring central Perth!

Here’s how I spent my time exploring the park and the Northbridge suburb of central Perth:

King’s Park

If you’ve read a few of my posts you may have guessed that I love being outside. When you arrive in King’s Park follow signs to the Lotterywest Federation Walkway. There is an elevated section which will take you level with the treetops!

King's Park walkway
The elevated section of the Lotterywest Federation Walkway

If you want to avoid any crowds near the park entrance, keep walking until you reach the Law Walk. This turns into a sandy track through dense vegetation until you finally reach the Dryanda Lookout. All over the park you can take in the stunning views of the Swan River estuary.

King's Park view
View of the Swan River and Perth City

It may be because we are coming up to wildflower season, but I wasn’t expecting Perth to be so colourful! Signs describe the plants and how aboriginal people would use them. It’s crazy that 200 years ago only the Noongar people would have roamed here. Think of the changes the trees have seen!

Flowers I’ve never seen
Some of these trees are so old

Perth City Centre

Elizabeth Quay is where you get the stunning views across the Swan River to South Perth. My favourite spot is on the Quay island looking back at the skyscrapers of Perth.

I spent a whole day walking around Perth and only got caught out in the rain once (was totally soaked though). Hay Street Mall is the big shopping centre. It’s a city of many levels, with lots of walkways and steps to different malls and views over the buildings.

Yagan square has some really awesome buildings and statues. It is a really cool space which hosts some awesome markets throughout the year. It is also the location of the Market Hall, with some reasonably priced food outlets. If you like Asian food you’re in luck!

Yagan sqaure. I bet this is an absolute hub in the summer!

You can’t go exploring central Perth without visiting the cultural centre. Here you can visit the library and art galleries. You should enter the library even if it’s just to see the views from the top floor.

Just chilling with the pigeons. Yup, can’t escape them even if you move to the other side of the globe

North of Yagan Square and the main shopping/business district I did find a few shopping lanes. My absolutely favourite place was Kakulas Brothers on William Street. Being inside this shop was like being in a market. Bags of spices and grains, and buckets of nuts, dried fruits and cereals were everywhere. I was in heaven.

If you want that market vibe – go to Kakulas Brothers

Summary exploring central Perth

There are some beautiful buildings and some great shopping in Perth. There looked like some absolutely amazing food places. However I did find that a lot of the shopping and eating took place inside big malls.

If you love bustling streets with markets, restaurants and cafes interspersed with independent shops and galleries you NEED to check out Fremantle. South of the Swan River, and less than an hour by train, I fell in love with this place.

My absolute favourite place when exploring central Perth was King’s Park. Maybe this is because I’m more a fan of being outdoors than shopping, but this was the most stunning park! If you come to Perth allow a good couple of hours to move away from the entrance and really walk around.

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed exploring this city! x

Avoiding the rain (just about)

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