Don’t stress about ‘filling a gap’ left by training

Sitting in bed typing whilst watching vloggers do amazing things i’m super jealous of like snowboarding, sea swimming and just generally living awesome lives. I know no-one’s life is super positive and happy every single day but sometimes it feels like that.

I’m taking the whole week off from kayak training. This is obviously 90% due to injury but 10% because I want to see if i’m happier without it. I’m actually finding it super strange. I’m still waking up at 6am and feeling like I need to fill the gap with some form of excerise like swimming or going for a long walk.

Part of this need to do excerise in the morning is that i’m so used to feeling like i’ve ‘earned’ my breakfast. For me the best way to avoid attitudes like this turning into an unhealthy obsession is to force myself to do the opposite. So today I stayed in bed until the last minute, and had eggs as well as my usual chocolate smoothie for breakfast.

If you find yourself in a position where you suddenly reduce the amount you excerise, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to halve the amount you eat. I have a pretty active job and I still do some form of extra activity after work (swim/run etc.). Plus your body needs calories just existing, you can’t eat only what you burn during training.

I also feel like I need to look after myself a bit better. With all the stress/struggling to find balance with my eating I’m feeling pretty sluggish and tired. Honestly this afternoon I felt like I was walking through treacle. I’m so excited for the weekend and it’s only my second day back after half term!

But if ever there was a cure for feeling low, it’s surrounding yourself with positive, happy people. When i’m feeling down it’s easy for me to fall into a trap of thinking I just need to be alone. And yet after just half an hour of sitting with my housemates laughing and talking about nonsense, I feel like the non-stressed out version of me again.

Even though it’s super cliche, it’s all about finding the positives in every day. The small victories at work, excerise you want to do not have to do, your friends, and good food. Like right now, i’m so excited for breakfast so I can have my chocolate smoothie again (it’s pretty damn good)!

Fill life with positive things like beautiful mornings…
…and chocolate smoothies!


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