Sailing the Whitsundays: a night under the stars

When you arrive in Airlie Beach you are inundated with tour companies trying to sell you various trips sailing the Whitsundays. You have three main types of cruise: adventure, party and romantic. The boat I chose in all of three seconds turned out to be absolutely perfect for me. SV Whitehaven is a sailing boat with a chill but still social vibe, and a focus on the daytime activities.

This post is basically me just telling you to spend at least one night on a boat while in Australia. I slept on the deck with only two (very thin) yoga matts for support. Somehow I still had the best nights sleep of my life, and if I ever did wake up I had a ceiling of stars to gaze at. I hope reading this inspires you to spend a night away from light pollution, and look up at the sky. Continue reading “Sailing the Whitsundays: a night under the stars”

Learning to relax on the picturesque Magnetic Island

Leaving my family in Ingham to continue my solo trip wasn’t easy. Even though these are relatives I hardly see, it felt safe and comforting to be with them. Luckily my next destination was the tranquil Magnetic Island, just a short ferry ride from Townsville, and the perfect location to transition from home comforts.

This post describes my very relaxed two nights on the island and the highlights of my stay. In general if I’m not doing something with a specific purpose in mind, I feel like I’m wasting time. This trip was good for me to chill, and remember the importance of resting mind and body.

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Be open to change

Beautiful and backpacker free: exploring Ingham

Exploring Ingham is when I came across the most beautiful waterfall and the most spectacular views I have seen in Australia so far. It is a sleepy town located between Mission Beach and Townsville. It is not a backpacker town, but there are some absolutely stunning places here and in the surrounding area. This post is about my time exploring Ingham and the most gorgeous waterfalls, wetlands and elusive island paradises. Continue reading “Beautiful and backpacker free: exploring Ingham”

Sunrise to stop you feeling lonely in Cairns

The most beautiful remedy to feeling lonely in Cairns

It’s funny how you can feel lonely in a such a beautiful place. You would think it ought to be impossible to feel down when you are surrounded by the incredible scenery and chill vibe of Cairns. I think I’ve found the perfect remedy though. Get up early and watch the sunrise.

In this post I am writing about what I’ve been up to in Cairns (North Queensland) and my first experience dealing with feeling overwhelmed and lonely while travelling.

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