Welcome to Perth: northern suburbs and the Swan Valley

So I’ve had my first three days in Australia! I’m living a rather unlikely life of luxury for a backpacker at the moment. I am staying at my aunt’s in a northern suburb of Perth. I have a double bed in my own room with a pool view and a private shower!!

I’ve been chauffeured about to some beautiful places already. So far I’ve made it to the Swan Valley, and explored some beautiful areas of beach and wetland outside of the City Centre. I hope you find this interesting/ of use if you’re planning to visit! Continue reading “Welcome to Perth: northern suburbs and the Swan Valley”

Travel Australia!!! Crazy exciting times ahead…

Rewind to Christmas 2018. I recieved a Lonely Planet travel guide to the wonderful country of Australia. Obviously I had mentioned traveling there more than a few times (either that or my parents were heavily hinting something…). I always had in my head that someday I would travel Australia, but I almost can’t believe that the flight is booked, and in a month I’ll be gone! Continue reading “Travel Australia!!! Crazy exciting times ahead…”