It’s not all about the gym, even in bad weather

It’s not all about the gym. I think often we can get caught up in this idea of exercise requiring a gym. I know certain people who complain about being unhealthy, but never exercise because: ‘gym membership is too expensive’.

What are your reasons?

Unless your training for a specific sport, then in all likelihood your desire to train stems from wanting to:

  • improve health
  • feel more confident
  • look a certain way

Now. With improved health comes improved confidence. These things can take time but can be helped along the way with an active lifestyle and sustainable approach to healthy eating. Neither requires a gym. Continue reading “It’s not all about the gym, even in bad weather”

A morning walk: the first step towards sustainable fitness

Why walking in the morning means so much to me.

I was listening to the problogger podcast (really good for any level of blogger), about the story of Krista and her positivity blog, A Life In Progress. She mentioned something that really stuck with me: the importance of being able to breathe, think and potter. I can relate to this on so many levels. It’s why I get up an hour or two earlier than I need to for a morning walk.

Walking in the morning is time to myself, before I have to rush off to the school and put all my energy into the kids. I’m used to getting up early for kayak training, and putting my body through a lot of strain first thing in the morning. Walking still gives me a sense of achievement, but it is lower impact. It leaves me feeling relaxed rather than stressed and under pressure before 8am.

If you go for a morning walk, you’ve accomplished something with your day. It doesn’t matter what else happens, you can never feel like the day was wasted. Walking in the morning helps me feel like I owned my day; that it wasn’t just dictated by work and other commitments. Walking is something I do purely for myself. There is no end goal, and no targets. Continue reading “A morning walk: the first step towards sustainable fitness”