Finding the positives whilst injured – walking in the sunshine

So I’m almost looking forward to going back to work and having a set routine (almost, not quite). Because I am exhausted! I’m supposed to be feeling relaxed, but it’s been like an emotional rollercoaster with this stupid injury.

So after two full rest days on Sunday and Monday (well I went running and swimming), I had two successful kayaking sessions. A relaxed 10k on Tuesday and a full on session on Wednesday during which I felt strong and fast. And my arm was fine!

When I woke up on Thursday, it was instant pain. Even just flexing my fingers made my forearm hurt. It’s this really wierd painful, quite sharp ache. I knew I wouldn’t be able to race this weekend, which is horrible because it’s a low pressure race i’ve been looking forward to.

I kept it together most of that morning, stayed calm and messaged the girl I was supposed to be racing with in K2 (double man kayak) to cancel. Then I rang my dad to let him know, and all the sadness came pouring out. Anyone who is a regular injury sufferer will understand the frustration – have a look at my post on my journey with injury Continue reading “Finding the positives whilst injured – walking in the sunshine”

Feeling blue, but that’s okay.

My first blog post! And it’s a sad one. *sigh*

Although there is actually plenty to be happy about at the mo. I’m doing supply teaching because it fits super well around training and right now it’s HALF TERM!!!! Yay no work.

Today i’ve had a lie in, done a home workout, made protein brownies and the world’s best green smoothie.. Everything would be great, but something isn’t.

My forearm hurts. This is either from kayaking or lifting things at work. Whatever it’s from, I can’t kayak. This sucks because i’ve already had time off  training for being sick, and now my stupid arm hurts. I have a race next weekend and very soon assessment season starts, and I don’t feel ready.

The worst feeling in the world is lining up for a race and knowing you haven’t prepared in the way you would like to have done. And the worst thing? I’m not looking forward to any of the upcoming races, especially all the pressure. Continue reading “Feeling blue, but that’s okay.”