When did you last leave your comfort zone?

I recently discovered and fell in love with the Youtube Channel Yes TheoryThey are four guys committed to saying yes and pushing themselves outside their comfort zone.

Their enthusiasm is inspiring and I 100% agree with their philosophy. I think everyone can benefit from setting themselves more challenges and being more spontaneous. Continue reading “When did you last leave your comfort zone?”

Feeling happy at a cafe drinking coffee

Today I am feeling happy. I wrote this post at my local cafe and I felt like I was floating. My insides felt light and I was relaxed and at peace with where I am right now. This is not always the case, so I’ll enjoy this feeling while it’s there.

my thought process feeling happy earlier today

I am sitting outside my favourite local cafe with my coffee and I am feeling happy. The sun is even sort of shining, a miracle given the unreal amount of rain recently. I am sitting beneath a tree, and I love the dappled effect of the sun through the leaves on my notebook.

I had today off work for a four hour driving correction course (whoops), which was actually not boring in the slightest. Plus, everyone in the room actually got on, although there was a collective hatred towards cyclists I didn’t really appreciate.

I’ve enjoyed the rest of my day off. I finally have my bike at home so I cycled to the gym and into town. I’ve been killing my workouts recently and getting into a really good routine with gym, eating and work. As well as being social with my housemates in the evening.

It’s been so good living separately but close by my parents. I enjoy spending my evenings with people my own age, but I love my family. I want to make the most of living nearby before I set off on my travels later this year.

Woah. A crow just landed next to me and scared the actual bejeezus out of me. Traffic is really building now, coming up to 5 o clock. Also the rain clouds seem to be gathering again. It could be an interesting cycle home. Still somewhat sunny at the moment though.

These words mean a lot to me

This is all I wrote. Not exactly Shakespeare, but I can see the lightness and happiness in the words I write. I know this because:

  • I was able to rationalise and not feel bad about the driving course
  • I’m at peace with teaching and living near home, despite not being long term goals
  • I could sit and relax at the cafe without panicking about wasting time
  • Now I have energy in the middle of the day once more!

I hope whoever and wherever you are you enjoyed this slightly random post. You may not be feeling happy right now, but keep going. I promise, you will again.

Travelling to see friends leaves me feeling happy
Making time to see my uni friends in Exeter last weekend. Maybe why I am feeling so happy this week?

My biggest insecurity: stay confident when you look young

Everyone dislikes things about ourselves. Often these are surface level: our hair, noses, ears etc. We may try to hide these parts of ourselves with makeup or clothes that cover particular parts of our bodies. My biggest insecurity at ‘surface level’: I look younger than I am.

This insecurity has fed into a lot of my low confidence since Sixth Form, and even before. No-one has ever said anything purposefully mean; but I get comments on my age every. single. week. I laugh it off, but honestly even the most well meaning jokes stopped being funny years ago.

Within the past few months I have been asked for ID at a library to check I was 16. Last week the petrol station cashier questioned whether I was the driver. I was asked at work if I was on placement from secondary school. Continue reading “My biggest insecurity: stay confident when you look young”

Benefits of teaching: improved mental strength

This may seem a random topic. However I am writing this post because the benefits of teaching are something I feel passionately about. I fell into supply teaching after graduating for selfish reasons: good hours that fit around my kayak training and no extra qualifications necessary.

However I have learnt so much more than I expected. Teaching has been an eye opening experience for me. Although I don’t think it will be my long term career here are some of the reasons I think everyone could benefit from givng teaching a go:

personal benefits of teaching

  • No gym necessary: it’s a workout

If you hate the 9-5 life and sitting in an office for 8 hours a day, try supply teaching. Most supply teachers end up as support staff for SEN (special education needs) kids. This means frequent breaks out the classroom. I’ve spent hours and hours of dancing/football/basketball/tag, and i’m paid for it! Continue reading “Benefits of teaching: improved mental strength”

Be happy in yourself: advice and inspiration

Be happy in yourself. When I moved school for Sixth Form I tried to be someone else. What actually happened is that I became an extremely awkward and shy version of myself. This didn’t make it easy for other people to get to know me. I ended up feeling lonely and a bit of an outsider, exactly what I had been trying so hard to avoid in the first place.

Recently my sister gave me the book the subtle art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Manson. Reading it took me right back to the least confident I have ever been: Sixth Form. I realise now that my problem was I cared too much about the wrong things. I was obsessed with what people thought of me, of what I said and what I wore.

The book highlights that this way of thinking is actually incredibly self involved. It assumes that everyone is looking at you and cares about what you say and what you look like. I tried so hard to blend in that I ended up standing out like a sore thumb, notable for my lack of self confidence. Continue reading “Be happy in yourself: advice and inspiration”

10 things that make me happy. What are yours?

I need to remember these 10 things that make me happy. I don’t know what’s wrong with me right now. I’m a naturally happy person, but i’ve just been finding things so hard. I’ve been trying so hard to listen to my body, to eat and train well, and try lots of new things this Easter half term.

I’ve also been so close to giving up this blog, but I absolutely refuse to let my own negativity stop me. I’m so scared no one will want to read it, but that’s not the point. Besides you’re reading it you lovely person! That’s all that matters to me 🙂

Anyway a few days back I saw this post by susiesopinions: 10 things that make me happy: the 71 year old’s award.  I love her self confidence and doing what she knows is right for her body, not what other people think is right for someone 71 years of age. Continue reading “10 things that make me happy. What are yours?”

Into the sadness slump… and out the other side

The lead up to my weekend was just awful. I had one really bad day on Thursday where everything seemed to go wrong. Instead of keeping in a positive frame of mind I allowed it to turn into three days of negative feelings, aka the sadness slump.

Sometimes, there isn’t really any justification for why you are feeling so low. You might just be having a really hard few days. The sadness slump makes it harder to deal with small problems that occur and can leave you feeling lonely, and a bit worthless.

Well HOLD UP! Because you my friend, are worth a lot, and here’s a few things we can do to avoid and to deal with the sadness slump: Continue reading “Into the sadness slump… and out the other side”

Guide to happiness: visit the people you love, have conversations with strangers and eat cake.

I knew it was coming..  the coughs were starting, the kids were sniffing, and I ended up with ANOTHER flippin cold. Honestly if there is one main reason I don’t become a teacher in the long term it will be how ill you get!

Luckily the cold didn’t set in until Saturday evening, so being ill didn’t ruin my plans to visit my sister in Leiscester during the day (it did ruin my Sunday though). Normally I would never do anything like that on the weekend because of training, so I just had this feeling of freedom which lasted all day.

My sister is one of my role models. Her personality is very opposite to mine, and I am in awe of her ‘oh what the hell’ attitude. Usually I am the worst person at shopping because I spend so long deciding, weighing up the pros and cons, and then panicking about how long i’ve spent in one store, More often than not I leave with nothing at all. Continue reading “Guide to happiness: visit the people you love, have conversations with strangers and eat cake.”

All the random things.. add up to make your week.

It was World Book Day Thursday! Which will only mean something if you are a pupil or you work in a school. It was such a fun day because the sun was shining and all the enthusiasm and smiling young people just made me happy.

The autistic girl I look after was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, and she was on cloud nine. This is despite all the noise and bright colours which did lead to some over-excitement. She made best friends with a year 5 boy dressed as the wolf. Honestly he had a pretty scary mask but she went right up and asked him to play tag. Confident as anything.

I found out pretty last minute and not being willing to spend any money I didn’t dress up as such (ugh – can’t believe i’m that person). But I did use the occasion as an excuse to go to work in athleisure: leggings, trainers, sporty jacket. If anyone asks, i’m a runner. Continue reading “All the random things.. add up to make your week.”

A week of work, training and decision making

I survived the whole working week and I didn’t get a cold! (I had two back to back before half term – urgh). I can’t believe this will be my ninth week of being a teaching assistant. That time has gone so quickly.. I work for Surrey Supply, and honestly as a first job after uni it is so good. The pay isn’t bad, but I should definitely be keeping a closer eye on how much i’m spending.

I’m not sure I want to teach forever but i’ve found it so eye opening. In the beginning I was posted everywhere. Honestly one morning they rang me at 7:45am to tell me I was no longer going to a school 5 minutes down the road, but one absolutely miles away! I hadn’t even showered yet and it took me a whole hour to get there during the school run.

I now have a semi-permanent position looking after a little autistic girl in year two. Obviously I knew of autisim but before this job I hadn’t really met anyone with it before. The autistic children i’ve met have all been really bright. It’s not their natural intelligence but the way they interact with others and percieve their surroundings which makes school harder for them. Continue reading “A week of work, training and decision making”