Happy Fathers Day frosted brownies

I feel like I haven’t baked anything for a while, which is a shame because I love baking! We had two birthdays in the family this week plus Father’s Day so what great motivation to get in the kitchen. Obviously I went to my favourite foodie blog Minimalist Baker. These frosted brownies are uh-mazing. Continue reading “Happy Fathers Day frosted brownies”

Healthish) millionaire shortbread

Healthy(ish) millionaire shortbread recipe

Last week I went into one of my current favourite cafe spots on a day when they had little pots out with the try me sign. I love tasters more than anything and this was for a healthy(ish) millionaire shortbread! I was absolutely head over heels with the first bite. However, sadly they were just assessing public opinion and hadn’t yet made it to sell.

Feeling cheated out of my millionaire shortbread, I immediately started looking at recipes so I could make my own (literally then and there over my coffee). I left the cafe thinking I had found the perfect recipe, and it definitely didn’t let me down. Thank you to the Baking Explorer for this amazing healthier millionaire shortbread recipe: Continue reading “Healthy(ish) millionaire shortbread recipe”

Banana bread to make you smile

You know when eat a piece of cake and you can’t help but smile it’s that good? Well add to that the satisfaction of having made it yourself and this cake makes you want to dance around the room! Gooey in the middle, and just sweet enough, this recipe by Cookie and Kate is the perfect healthier banana bread recipe. Continue reading “Banana bread to make you smile”

Mothers Day healthier cookies and carrot cake

Hope everyone had a lovely Mothers Day weekend! I was so excited to use this occasion to make some amazing healthier treats for my family. I eventually decided on two recipes from the Minimalist Baker: raw vegan carrot cake (because the cheesecake was so great last time) and healthier cookies. Yum!!!!

Continue reading “Mothers Day healthier cookies and carrot cake”

Squidgy fruit and nut loaf

Squidgy fruit and nut loaf

I found the basis for this fruit and nut loaf recipe on BBC Good Food (one of my favourite places for recipe collections). I made it so many times during my third year of university, but before yesterday I hadn’t made it for about 6 months.

It’s great for a mid afternoon energy boost, containing lots of natural sugars. It also contains slow release enery from oats, making it perfect for a healthy breakfast.

Continue reading “Squidgy fruit and nut loaf”

Light as air apple pudding cake

Light as air apple pudding cake

I took this apple pudding cake recipe from a Sainsbury’s magazine. This is not something I usually look at, but actually the recipes in there are all pretty inspiring. So I thought I would try one out. They had a healthy section titled: 8 ways to nourish yourself. I was in a cake mood so I thought I would try out the Apple Cloud Cake. Continue reading “Light as air apple pudding cake”

Healthier chocolate cheesecake recipe

When I went dairy free I thought cheesecake was just one of those things I would never eat again. This week I started looking up a variety of vegan cheesecake recipes. My biggest fear was that it wouldn’t set properly, and ideally I didn’t want to have to keep the cheesecake in the freezer.

Shoutout to the Minimalist Baker. This is the PERFECT recipe. It definitely made up for my failed pancake attempts earlier in the week. I only had a 4 inch cake tin so I had to adjust the quantities. Continue reading “Healthier chocolate cheesecake recipe”

Fruity, fudgy, delicious healthy chocolate brownie recipe

Third time lucky healthy chocolate brownies

I love these super fruity, fudgy and healthy chocolate brownies. I’m so proud because these are my third try and I loved the way they turned out. My first try I actually named protein fudge – they’re not as choclatey and they didn’t rise in the same way. And we’re not going to mention the second batch (I overcooked them) Continue reading “Third time lucky healthy chocolate brownies”