Bushwalking in Perth

Bushwalking in Perth National Parks

I’ve been bushwalking in Perth! I absolutely love walking and being in amongst nature and there are some stunning locations for this in Perth. In particular I have been to the National Parks of Yanchep and Serpentine.

I reckon that Yanchep is better for flatter, slightly easier walking, although both National Parks have significant hiking options. Yanchep also has a reserve for koalas, and is the first place I saw a kangaroo. So now I’ve seen all three ks: koalas, kangaroos and kookaburras!

Yanchep national park

This beautiful area of bushland is close to Two Rocks, the most northern developed suburb of Perth. Entry is $15 per vehicle. Highlights are the koala reserve right next to the carpark. You view the koalas from a walkway through the eucalyptus, without any cage in the way.

Who’s that little guy looking back at me?

I walked the 2.7km loop around lake Loch McNess and the 2.6km trail through the woodlands. Easy walking, with hardly anyone around. I am a 100% believer in walking even a few minutes from the car-park or main attraction. You lose all the crowds. A beautiful spot for bushwalking in Perth.

I did manage to get lost on the woodlands trail, and kept walking along this tiny winding path in the stubborn belief it would lead me back to the carpark. It did not, and eventually I had to run back the way I came because I’d walked for so long and it was starting to rain.

The trails authority calls this one of the most ‘urbanised’ National Parks. There is a restaurant, cafe and visitor centre. You can buy tickets here for a cave tour within the park. However Yanchep is also the starting point for some very significant multi day hikes such as the 51km coastal plain walk.

Lake Loch McNess in Yanchep
Amazing plants on the woodlands trail
Look at the bark hanging off this tree!

Serpentine National Park

Serpentine is approximately 50 minutes south of Perth, or a 20 minute drive inland from Rockingham. Entry is $13 per vehicle and visitor numbers are limited during peak season. It certainly has a more natural, rugged feel than Yanchep.

The main attraction is Serpentine Falls, just a minute stroll from the car park. It is probably not the most magnificent waterfall you can see in Australia but it is still beautiful. There are two main hikes from the carpark. the 14km round trip Kitty’s Gorge and the 6km Baldwin’s Bluff.

I walked most of Baldwin’s Bluff. It is crazy steep right from the beginning, with loose uneven terrain. I ended up a bit freaked out because I realised I was in the middle of nowhere, with no one around and no phone signal. It’s crazy how your imagination can start ganging up on you!

I also walked to the top of the falls, the beginning of the Kitty Gorge trail. It is so steep, but really fun and offers some great views. The top of the waterfall is particularly stunning. Monarch butterflies are an unmissable splash of colour everywhere you look. I nearly jumped out my skin when I turned a corner to see a large grey kangaroo in the middle of my path!

Serpentine falls
The Baldwin Bluff trail, very steep but rewards with some amazing views
Bushwalking in the Serpentine National Park

bushwalking in perth

Yanchep and Serpentine are just two possible locations but there are plenty of places for bushwalking in Perth. Kinross is a green suburb very close to the bushland. There are some great little walking trails here right on the doorstep!

Stunning trails so close to the house!

If you love walking you are absolutely spoilt for choice in beautiful Perth. Take your pick from the most amazing selection of urban, coastal and bushland trails. Wherever you are, you won’t be far from some stunning walking spots.

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