All the random things.. add up to make your week.

It was World Book Day Thursday! Which will only mean something if you are a pupil or you work in a school. It was such a fun day because the sun was shining and all the enthusiasm and smiling young people just made me happy.

The autistic girl I look after was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, and she was on cloud nine. This is despite all the noise and bright colours which did lead to some over-excitement. She made best friends with a year 5 boy dressed as the wolf. Honestly he had a pretty scary mask but she went right up and asked him to play tag. Confident as anything.

I found out pretty last minute and not being willing to spend any money I didn’t dress up as such (ugh – can’t believe i’m that person). But I did use the occasion as an excuse to go to work in athleisure: leggings, trainers, sporty jacket. If anyone asks, i’m a runner.

I’m actually really beginning to enjoy being a teaching assisstant. Obviously there are still off days, but as the kids and teachers get to know you better I think you naturally become more involved. You start to learn everyone’s names and the kids begin to trust you as a recognisable face in the playground.

Honestly the only ‘problem’ is that the pay isn’t great, and moving out from home it’s crazy how much money you spend. And not just on rent, food, petrol and clothes but really stupid things. So I was driving happily along on a 5 minute food shopping trip and next minute there’s a bang and my freakin wing mirror is hanging on by a thread.

Clever Jenny, so clever

So I can’t really blame anyone else for this (the other car was stationary). I did go check the other car out and it was fine (and i’m not just saying that – I literally couldn’t believe there wasn’t a scratch on this car and then mine was so damaged). Two different garages gave me completely different quotes – one over £100 more than the other. What?!

Obviously I was pretty annoyed at myself, that was the most expensive 5 min food shop ever. But whatever, it’s done now. And at least I could drown my sorrows in buying awesome food (which takes up 90% of my payceck after rent). I absolutely love baking but I end up spending so much money on finding healthy substitutes. Which is a problem because my creations don’t always work. 

I think I have a reputation with my housemates for being the most enthusiastic, worst baker ever. My pancakes were hilarious, I had tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard, honestly you wouldn’t blink an eye if you had them on the side of a curry. They looked like naan bread. I  wanted them fluffy, but I put in a whole tsp of baking powder. Tip: don’t do this if you want to make pancakes, not bread. 

A lot of the things i’ve been making recently seem to be turning into bread. Like these blueberry muffins (i’m not going to post the recipe). They looked so great, but the texture – not so much.

Banana and blueberry muffins – I loved the rustic look but they didn’t taste so great…

I’m so determined to keep going though and improving my baking. There are so many people out there who create great tasting healthy bakes on a regular basis and I know I can do it too. Obviously I’ll only post the recipes for things I love. Like my healthy  chocolate brownies!

I also started kayaking again this week. I just went by myself on two casual 6k paddles. I looked at the conditions and went when I was feeling it and knew I would enjoy it. Like this Friday! No wind and golden light first thing in the morning.

Early moring view from my kayak club on Friday
Early morning session and ready for work!

My early morning walk today was again a pretty wet and windy one. I’m trying to mix up my routes so this time I went ‘inland’ away from the river and around some pony fields out the back of St George’s Junior School. And I saw the greatest fallen tree ever over this pond that I could not help walking out over.

The only low point was when the kayakers went past while I was walking back along the river towpath. I literally sandwiched myself in a bush so my coach wouldn’t see me when he cycled past. I got some pretty odd looks from ordinary passers by.

Who can’t resist walking on a fallen tree out over water

So this was a totally random weekly round up, but I really enjoyed writing it, and I love having somewhere to put all my random pictures. Now that i’m not training twice a day I have more time and energy to do things like baking and walking. Previously I had to be asleep all hours I wasn’t training or working, just to get through the week.

If you put a lot of your daily hours into one thing, make sure you’re not neglecting the little things that make you happy, even if that’s just something as simple as baking a cake. And who cares if it tastes like bread after, as long as you enjoyed making it!

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